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JN Personalised Design

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Product quality

We try to the best of our ability to provide products which maintain a high standard of quality. If a customer has an issue regarding the quality of their item they may contact us with their concerns.
We will need photos which show proof of lacking quality, which may include poor image quality/ colouring, incorrect model supplied and issues with manufacturing.

The majority of the time our products meet our quality standards, but sometimes human error or manufacturing error does occur.
If an item doesn’t meet our standards the customer will be entitled to a refund or their product redesigned and reprinted.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund or replacement on the grounds that the customer has:

  • Ordered the incorrect size item.
  • Supplies an image that is of poor quality (most images will be fine, and customers will be notified if not).

All customers will be supplied a proof of their chosen image/ images on their personalised item prior to manufacturing. Customers may change their images prior to manufacturing. Proofs will be sent to customers supplied email address.

We recommend that customers choose images that are better quality, not pixelated to ensure their items turn out well. The better the quality the better the print out. Keep in mind that photos taken from phones are normally good enough in quality.


Customers should be aware that all items may take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive. Items must be ordered and/or manufactured and shipped to customers, this is an approximate estimate of shipping time and may differ slightly. We ship many of our items from international countries including England and are not offered tracking for orders. We are however notified when items have been sent. If an item exceeds shipping times by a significant amount of time, customers will be entitled to a refund or to have items resent. Please note that this rarely happens. Items that are in stock in Australia will be given a tracking number through Australia Post. Some orders do need to be ordered in and may take longer than expected, we will do our best to keep customers updated. If you do not wish to wait/ cannot wait please do not order.

Products/ Branded Items

JN Personalised Design work with a wide range of other businesses to be able to supply you with quality products. We have FULL permission to sell items and use descriptions/ photos of items. If you have a question regarding this please contact us and we will be more than happy to show you the relevant documentation. 

Refund Policy

If you require a refund it will only be given in full if the product is:

Faulty in design.

Printed incorrectly (photo products).

Cannot be supplied by JN Personalised Design.

You will NOT be entitled to a refund on the grounds that you changed your mind. 

 Exchanges and Store Credit

Items will only be able to be exchanged if returned in the original condition. You may choose another item to exchange it with. Store credit will be given for customers who do not wish to exchange their item. Items will only be refunded on the terms above.

Happy shopping,

JN Personalised Design.



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